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Day on the Hill - What a Learning Experience!

22 Feb 2018 12:47 PM | Elaine Ruh (Administrator)

Hey FVSHRM Members, 

I normally do not write blog posts as I usually don't have anything fun or interesting to share. However, the experiences that I had in Madison yesterday for Day on the Hill were awesome and wanted to share with you if you were ever leaning on the fence to go.  I highly advise to go, at least once, just to experience it. 

To keep it short as a summary; Day on the Hill is a chance for HR professionals to meet with our representatives and let them know our stance on bills that are sitting in committees before voting. 

We have heard and read this in the past. It was a quick glance over, a zone out moment, a deleted email or tossed mailer.  You might be thinking, I already have politics in the work place, why would I invite myself to be thrown into even more. Another thought; I haven't been following any of the bills that are being discussed and I wouldn't know what to say to these people that I could meet with. Or I'm just one person, they won't care if I'm there or not. My thought was; me? Politics?  Good one!! But I was told just try it. It can't hurt! So I signed up and what a cool experience. 

Kelly, Rebecca and I had a chance to sit down with our State Assembly Representative for almost an hour. What!? We were brought into his office and was met by a friendly staffer, Evan, who shook our hands through introductions and we started to have small talk discussions that were not awkward (he is human after all). Evan stated that he was going to send a quick text to Ron to join us as they were anticipating to meet with us! (Mind you that the Assembly was deep in their calendar of events and they were a busy group).  Ron walks in with a big smile on his face, shakes our hands and we sit in his office. We all did introductions and explained why we were there. Ron knew of the three bills we were looking to discuss and stated that he supported our stance. From there he asked us about more information we could provide that he could use on the floor before the voting. He actually listened to us! From there, he proceed to take us to areas of the Capital that are off limits to the public; the Parlor, the other side of the Assembly floor and the wing of the library.  (We couldn't wipe the smiles from our faces that we had the chance to see these areas). Ron politely excused himself as he needed to get back to the floor and that was it. Painless! 

These meetings are so impactful as it will help me put a name with a face. The network has been established that if he needs help with examples for the HR bills that are in process, he can reach out to us and we can provide what he needs as best as we can.  

This event for WISHRM was fun to see as different Chapters across the State were represented and we all were able to make an impact with our representatives. It felt pretty cool to be apart of the 60+ of us that were walking to the Capital at once, knowing we could make a difference. The State Capital knew we were coming and welcoming as Scott Walker wrote Day on the Hill attendees letter and that he was excited to have us there.  Fox Valley SHRM was well represented but we are looking to be the biggest Chapter at these events. If you hear about these events in the future, please take the 10 seconds to review the information and remember this blog. Anyone on the board and other members that have attended would love to see you there next year!

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