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FVSHRM Mission Statement: Behind the Scenes

06 Nov 2017 7:31 AM | Deleted user

Have you noticed our brand spanking new mission statement?  Inspire, Engage, and Advance the human resources profession in the Fox Valley community.  We are pretty proud of the work of our volunteer board to set the mission and the long term vision for this chapter.  But it wasn’t just us, sitting around in a room, spinning our creative imaginations!  You may not realize it, but you – our valued members – played a big role in this too.   Here’s a snapshot of the feedback we utilized in our process:

1.      Programming Interest Survey results:   Two of the questions that we looked at extensively were “What purpose do you feel FVSHRM provides to the HR Professional?”  and “Why is a FVSHRM membership beneficial to your career?”   We were pleasantly surprised that so many of you were on the same page.

2.      Focus group feedback:      We took this opportunity to have chapter members assist us in performing a SWOT analysis

3.      Board Strategy Session:    The Board got together and looked at the feedback from both the survey and the Focus groups and were able to easily identify 3 distinct outcomes that our members are looking for in their FVSHRM membership.  With that we as a board came up with the end product.

We want to thank each and every one of our chapter members for their continued feedback because, after all, the board is here to serve you as our members!  Make sure to watch our website and Facebook page all month to learn more about how we are delivering on this mission and how we can provide value to you.  If you ever have comments, suggestions, or just want to know how to get more involved, email us: foxvalleyshrm@gmail.com

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